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Ducky Training


Ducky Train was developed by EduTechs to provide your pre-school children several fun and educational games. Kids learn about letters (A - Z), numbers, shapes, matching, and counting.FEATURES:Multiple games that teach kids about colors, letters, counting and matching.
A Thumbs-Up Ducky interacts with the children with instructions, questions, and plenty of kudos.
Prizes at the end of each round of games on the big ducky pond.
Intuitive navigation with continuous play.
PRIVACY POLICY:Ducky Train does not collect, store, or share any personal information or location data. No advertisements, links to social media, or in-app purchases. Ducky Train values its users privacy - especially when it applies to young children.
CONTACT:Email us with questions, comments, and
COMING SOON:Ducky Train Spell - this game introduces your child to basic spelling words in a fun puzzle format with lots of sounds, voices, words, and more prizes.
Ducky Train Math - this game introduces your child to basic addition, subtraction, and even more prizes.